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Putting an end to unwanted email in your cPanel email account is a click away with Apache Spam Assassin. Here's how:


  • Login to your cPanel account. There are two ways:

    • On Earth Girl servers, simply login to your billing account > Services > Active (far right) and click the login to your cPanel

    • In your browser, go to

  • Once there, you can either search for "SpamAssassin" using the search feature -or- locate the icon in the Email section:

Find SpamAssassin in cPanel


  • Once you're on the SpamAssassin page, simply click the button to Enable the filter:


For those of you who aren't techie, you can stop right there. Your filter is enabled!  For those who must know more, you'll see some other options:



Spam works on a rating system. Spam Assassin has it's own system, and here you'll have the option to determine how strict your settings will be.  Remember, you can always check your spam folder if you're missing something important.  The standard setting is set to a median of 5. The higher the number, the more strict your filter will behave. You can always make changes later.


Auto-Delete Spam

Be careful with this option. If you're missing an email and try to search the spam folder, it may not be there if this option is enabled.


Disable Auto-Delete Spam

If you enabled it, here you can disable it just as easily.




The spam box is just another way of saying spam folder. If you enable this (and we recommend it), then all of the junk mail that is filtered from your inbox will be placed in the spam box.


Enable Spam Box

Do you want a spam box [folder]?  (say yes).


Clear Spam Box

This is just the virtual act of walking to the shredder and dumping your junk mail in. If the folder gets too big, this is one way of getting rid of its contents.




If you'd like to get a little more involved in your spam settings, this is a great place to start.



This is a quick way to call a spade a spade. If you keep getting spam from a certain email address or domain, just drop it in here and problem solved.

e.g. -or- * -or- *



This is the same setting from the previous page.  You can leave it at 5 or adjust higher for a more strict filter.



This is a little more complex. SpamAssassin uses several rules as a way of testing emails and determining score.  Here, you can set certain rules to equal a particular score. If you want to read up on it, take a look at the SpamAssasin Project Page's list of Test Names



If something is in your spam folder continuously and you don't want it there, just added it to the whitelist.

e.g. -or- * -or- *

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