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What Is SiteLock?

SiteLock is a third-party software that scans your website for malware that could cause your site to be blocked, banned or damaged. SiteLock Premium will remove any malware located, which is a major benefit. When you secure this service, you'll receive a clickable certificate for your website to give your site credibility.

While we're quite diligent in scanning the servers as a whole, it's still possible for localized hacking attempts to occur on your site. SiteLock provides an added layer of security. Something as simple as not updating software on your personal computer could compromise your entire system, including your website.

SiteLock runs some daily scans, other one-time scans (depending on the package you choose) and will alert you to any nefarious behavior. 


But I Have An AntiVirus Program.

I sincerely hope anyone connected to the internet can honestly utter this sentence and include the word "current". An anti-virus program is only useful if you keep it up-to-date. An anti-virus program is essential, as is a good malware detection program for your computer, e.g. MalwareBytes. But these only scan your computer, not your website.  


Will it Help My Business?

Yes! According to a 2006 Consumer Security Survey, 70% of customers look for a security seal. When you purchase the SiteLock service you'll get a quick and simple code to place on your website to show that your site is secure and malware free.


What if I need Help?

Your purchase through Earth Girl Hosting gives you direct access to the SiteLock admin panel as well as their customer care.


Where Can I Purchase SiteLock?

You can review all three packages we offer on our customer portal. For the majority of our clients, the Premium package is perfect. If you have a smaller site that isn't database driven, the Basic will suit you just fine. 


Compare SiteLock Packages



Standard Security

Enhanced Security

Complete Security
Deep 360-Degree Site Scan  
Reputation Management  
Business Validation  
Verifiable Trust Seal  
Unlimited Expert Support  
Network Security Scanning -
Advanced Security Scanning - -
Number of Pages up to 25 up to 500 up to 2500

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360-Degree Scan & Network Security



Standard Security

Enhanced Security

Complete Security
User Web Application Scan
SQL Injection Scan
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Malware Scan
External Network Scan
Virus Scan - -
Website Applications Scan - -
Core Applications Scan - -
Web Server Scan - -


Blacklist Monitoring & Reputation Management



Standard Security

Enhanced Security

Complete Security
Trust Seal  
Business Verification  
Phone Number Verification  
Spam Verification  
SSL Verification -  
Postal Mail Verification - -  
Domain Name Verification - -  

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