Resizing Images in cPanel

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Resizing Images in cPanel?  Yes, you sure can!


Most people don't know this one exists. It's really very easy and quite handy.  Do you have some giant images on your hosting account that you need to make not-so-giant?  Let me show you how:


  • Login to your cPanel

  • Under the Files section, find and click Images

  • Here you'll see three useful tools, but we're only going to focus on the Scaler - so click that.

  • Once you do that, you'll see a directory listing. Start by clicking into public_html, then find the folder where your images are located. Once there, you'll see something like this:



  • Now, click on the first image you want to resize.  It will look something like this:


This is what each part represents:

  1. New Dimensions & Percent

    The new dimensions, either in pixels or by percentage. You can play with these settings until you're happy with the size.

  2. Keep Aspect Ration

    It's always good to keep this checked or your image will be distorted. This option keeps things in proportion.

  3. Retain a Copy of the old image as:

    This process overwrites your current image, so if you want to keep a copy of the large image, be sure to leave this checked. Remember that large images take up a lot of server space, so if you really don't need the original copy (because you have it on your hard drive), go ahead and let it go by leaving it unchecked..

  4. File Name

    See # 3 for clarification, but this is where you'd rename the original image. Notice, it has already been renamed for you.  You can leave it as-is.

  5. Scale Image & Reset Dimensions

    Scale Image will commit your changes. Reset dimensions will let you start over.


So, as an example, this is what my image looks like once I take it down by 50%:


Performing this image scaling has reduce my file size by half, right along with the image size.  It's a great way to change the size, but not the resolution. If your image is high resolution and you need to compress it, give TinyPNG a try. 


This image scaling feature in cPanel is a handy, little-know tool, that does a great job with keeping the image quality - and much easier than downloading each image, resizing, then re-uploading. Don't try increasing an image size, it will look grainy.


Happy scaling!

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