So Many Passwords

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When you start an online website, or an online business, you'll be inundated with passwords.  There are some passwords that you'll be required to change every 30-90 days, like a merchant account, for example. Your initial reaction will be to use your tried-and-true, same-old-same password.  STOP THERE!


While it's important to have secure passwords, it's just as important to have unique passwords.  It's not secure to use your middle name, your child's name, your pet's name, your birthday, someone's nickname, even if you add some numbers at the end. Surely no one could guess them, right?  Wrong, we're not worried about someone, we're worried about something.  Hackers don't sit at the computer and try every combination possible, they use programs to do the dirty work. If they're lucky, you'll use the same password for everything and it could mean catastrophe for you.  


The best password is one that even you cannot remember.



The Solution

Well, one solution, at least! Take out the guesswork. Use a reputable password manager. We use LastPass, a free and easy manager for your password. There's a Premium version for only $1/mo., but the Premium version isn't necessary to use the main functions.



What We Love About LastPass

  • It's easy to install, just download and approve the plugin to each browser you use.

  • Any time you create a new password, LastPass gives you the option to generate a secure password or use your own. It then saves that password in your personal vault.

  • The password vault is saved and encrypted on your computer and secured by a master password.

  • Are you an online shopper? Save your payment details in the vault for check checkout.

  • Share logins with other users - without them seeing your password(s). Revoke access any time.

  • Login to your vault to view, edit, change, delete passwords.

  • If you go Premium, you can enable LastPass on your mobile devices as well.


Overall, LastPass allows you to have secure and unique passwords for every site, every time. No need to remember them, that's what the plugin is for.



But My Browser Remembers Passwords

Yes, that's true, it does. Those passwords are also very easily accessed from your browser's settings area. We don't recommend letting your browser ever remember a password for you.  When you install LastPass, you'll have the option to remove all browser-saved passwords and transfer them to the vault.



It's Time

It's safe, it's free, it's easy. Why wait? You spend so much time on your website and business, why compromise your progress with insecure password methods? Get LastPass today.

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