Backing Up Your Hosting Account

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How Can I Make a Backup?

  1. Login to your cPanel at


  2. Be sure you're using the Paper Lantern theme so these instructions apply. To switch your theme, use the dropdown on the upper left.


  3. Under the Files section, select Backup Wizard


  4. Click the Backup button, then choose one of the following:

    • Full Backup - If you want to backup everything, select 

    • Partial Backup > Home Directory - If you only want to backup your website, not emails, settings or databases.

      Home Directory is sufficient for most sites unless you need a full backup for switching hosts.

    • Partial Backup > MySQL Databases - If you only want the database data, no files, emails, settings or images

    • Partial Backup > Email Forwarders and Features - If you only want settings pertaining to email filters and forwarding. This does not backup your email.


  5. If you chose any other backup method other than Full Backup, you'll be presented with a button to click and download immediately. There's nothing further to do!


  6. If you chose Full Backup, the next screen will ask for a some information (and you'll need to remove that huge on!)

    • Backup Destination - Home Directory (this is where the backup will be saved)

    • Email Address - Leave default or select none



How Can I Download a Full Backup from my cPanel?


Choosing Full Backup means there is now a file saves on your cPanel that must be downloaded and removed.  Not removing these files will cause space issues down the line, so it's very important that you do so.

  1. Login to your cPanel/


  2. Be sure you're using the Paper Lantern theme so these instructions apply. To switch your theme, use the dropdown on the upper left.


  3. Under the Files section, select File Manager. If you see a pop-up, just click Go to move forward.


  4. On the left-hand pane, click the Home icon 


  5. On the right-hand pane, scroll down until you see a file with the following format:  backup-00.00.0000_00-00-0000_username.tar.gz


  6. Highlight the file by clicking on it


  7. On the top menu click Download. This will download it to your computer.


  8. When complete, select the file again and click Delete from the top menu. 


  9. If you're trying to regain some space on your account, you'll need to click the View Trash > Empty Trash links at the top as well.



What Happens if I Don't Download and/or Remove a Full Backup?


You could lose your data

A backup is used for data loss. If something happens to your hosting account or the server, and your backup is on it, then you've lost your backup as well.

Having Multiple Backups On Your Account Is Against the Terms of Service

Backup files are large, and by storing them on your hosting account you're violating our Terms of Service and could be subject to additional storage fees.


Your Backup Files Will Be Exponentially Larger

If you leave a backup on the server then you make another backup, guess what happens?  You'll be backing up your original backup and adding it to the files. So not only do you have your original files and backup, you now have a backup of the original files and backup.  


Not only does this make little sense, it also makes restoring your site, in case of data loss, a long and tedious process.  And, the extra space you're using will add up and you'll be charged for overage.


How Do I Restore a Backup?


Simply contact our technical support. The backup file you have will be large.  If you can upload it to your cPanel, that's best, but if you can't, you can choose a large file transfer service like

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